Garbage Disposal Installation

Installed under the sink, a garbage disposal uses sharp blades to cut food waste into manageable sizes that will fit down the drain and into the public sewage system. There are typically two types of garbage disposals: continuous feed, which usually has a wall-mounted switch so the unit keeps running as you drop more waste in; and batch feed, which requires a food cover be in place to operate the unit.

The most common problem with garbage disposals is putting a small metal object through the system that jams the rotors or burns out the motor. When that happens, you will most likely need to replace the unit with a new one.

Not All Garbage Disposals Are Equal

Garbage Disposal Installation

KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing has looked at all the various makes of garbage disposals and selected the Piranaha brand as its preferred model to install in homes looking to install a new garbage disposal.

The best garbage disposals have stainless steel, NOT galvanized, grind components so the garbage disposal does not rot out and the teeth do not get ground down rendering them ineffective. Look for cutting teeth that are closer together so that everything gets ground up small and can wash through your pipes freely. High rpm motors and longer warranties are also features of premium high performance models. Compare our top-of-the-line garbage disposals from The Piranha to a standard garbage disposal you can find at box stores in the chart below.


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