Kitchen Faucets

When you decide it’s time for a new kitchen faucet. Maybe it’s part of a massive kitchen renovation, or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to update the old one you have. Whatever the case, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices you face. If you last contemplated kitchen faucets in 1998 — or, for that matter, 2010 — you’ve probably realized that it’s a whole new world out there. KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing offers a verity of kitchen faucets to choose from. Do you want a pull-down spray spout or a side-mounted one?

Evaluating Your Current Kitchen Faucet Situation

When you’re thinking about a faucet upgrade, the first thing you need to consider, of course, is your existing sink. Do you want to overhaul everything or work with the sink you have? If you’re sticking with what you have, you can use the holes that are already in the sink deck, it’s not a make-or-break situation if you want to add a spray hose or sink dispenser. However, if you’re planning to make the leap from a deck-mounted faucet to a wall-mounted one, you’ll most likely have to spring for a new sink, too. Style is another aspect to keep in mind — a shiny, high-tech faucet probably won’t look right with your white cast-iron sink. Just something to keep in mind.

Understanding Kitchen Faucet Features

  • Spout type— The trend is definitely for a pull-down spray attachment, but you can also go for a side-mounted spray hose.
  • Spout height— High-arch spouts (10 to 18 inches) are in right now. Consider the size of your sink here — how big of an area does the spray need to cover?
  • Number of handles— If you choose a pull-down faucet, you’ll have only one handle, but you can still get faucets with traditional hot and cold handles.

So, those are the fundamentals, but there are many mind-boggling (and high-tech) choices beyond these. So when it time for that new kitchen faucet give the experts at KC’s 23 /2 Hour Plumbing a call at 760-327-8718

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