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Palm Springs Water Filtration Systems

Fresh, clean water is vital to so many aspects of everyday life in a home. From a toddler brushing his or her teeth to an adult filling water glasses to serve with dinner, homeowners use water constantly, so having the best tasting, safest water coming out of the taps should be a priority.

Tap water concerns

It is surprising how many homeowners drink bottled water because they are unhappy with the taste of their tap water, yet they do not hesitate to cook vegetables or make coffee using the unpleasant tasting tap water. No matter how well a municipality treats the water or how clean well water is, traces of lead and other heavy metals build up in pipes and affect the quality of water coming out of taps.

Well and City Water

Since all well and city water contains at least some contaminants, it is important to have KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing help homeowners select the system designed to remove the specific contaminants present in the area and offer the right kind of water treatment options available. For example, rural farm communities, where the majority of residents have wells, may see more chemicals in the water from pesticides so having the right water filtration system for a specific area is vital.

When a home water filtration system is installed, it encourages all household members to drink more water. Water is essential for proper brain function, getting nutrients to cells, balancing hormone levels and more. Few people drink enough water but if clean, great tasting water were available from every faucet in the home, it would be much easier for people to drink the recommended amount of water daily.


Why Choose KC’s 23 Hour Plumbing

KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing will install a water filtration and treatment system that will make city or well water taste much better. In addition to tasting better, the water will be safer to drink and to use for food preparation. It is always best to let professionals install and maintain water filtration and treatment systems so the system is installed correctly and does not cause a loss in water pressure. KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing will also help homeowners select the correct size and type of whole home water filtration system that is best for their home.

A professionally installed water filtration and treatment system needs little maintenance but having the same professional plumbing contractor that installed the system perform the maintenance is important. The cost is minor compared to the cost of buying bottled water and a properly maintained whole house filtration system adds to a home’s value.

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