Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Have one or multiple clogged drains in your home? Get them resolved now by calling KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing today at (760) 327-8718.

When it comes to making sure that your home is in good shape, you must first look at the drains. Drains carry water away from your home, and when they become backed up and clogged, it can ruin your day very quickly! Whether it is the drains in your sink or in your bathtub that get clogged, it can lead to problems that affect the very way that your house functions.

The problem with drain clogs is that once they start, they are not going to get better on their own. This is not a problem that goes away if you ignore it, and if you are thinking about what you can do to fix it, it is important to call in the pros.

Too many people think that they can fix clogs in the drains on their own using commercial cleansers. The problem with these cleansers is that they can work too well. While they can strip away the clog, they can also harm the pipes, leaving them corroded and more inclined to burst! This is a problem that can easily occur if you use drain cleaners, and that means that it is far better to call us in.

Clogs can also lead to irritation on a massive level when things start to drain slowly or when they stop draining at all! There is nothing more unpleasant than being left with a dirty sink or tub because of slow draining water, or of not being able to do your dishes because the sink won’t drain.

When you are thinking about the health of your home, one of the first areas that you need to consider is the piping. Your drains work to carry water away from your home, and if you are worried that they are not acting in the correct way, we need to be the first people that you call.

Get them resolved now by calling KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing today at (760) 327-8718.

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