Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Are you in the market for a  kitchen remodeling plumber? Kitchen remodeling is usually focused on counter tops, tile and the appliances, but proper piping and fixture installations are just as important. When remodeling a kitchen, there are a number of items where a qualified plumbing technician is required to complete a task. With so many subcontractors involved, homeowners should avoid making some common plumbing mistakes when undergoing a large kitchen remodel.

Choose the Sink before installing cabinets

When installing an under counter mounted sink, avoid potential hook up issues when hooking the sink into existing piping. Often homeowners get sinks that are deeper than the original, which causes issues because the piping is too high. This can cause potential extra work cutting out the cabinet to lower the piping or other expensive solutions that involve re-doing some existing, new work. Therefore make sure you consult a plumber and choose the sink before installing the new cabinets to avoid costly mistakes

Install new floor underneath cabinets and appliances

When installing a new floor, it may seem like a cost cutting move to put the new floor around the existing appliances and cabinets. However, you go to replace those items, you will realize that solution was more expensive than had the work been completed properly from the beginning. For east of future repair and replacement, the new flooring must be replaced under the dishwasher and cabinets.

Decades of experience upgrading kitchens in the Coachella Valley

KC’s Plumbing has decades of experience helping with kitchen remodeling projects. Besides installing the top of the line plumbing fixtures into your new home, we can help coordinate with the other subcontractors to ensure your project is completed without the headache of extra costs. With many new upgrades in appliances designed to conserve water and reduce the carbon footprint, many homeowners are upgrading specific appliances or doing a phased remodel of older kitchens to take advantages of the technology advances. We can help plan these projects with an eye toward the bigger picture you are trying to accomplish.

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