Sump Pump Repair

Do you have a below ground basement? If so, heavy storms can cause big problems in your home if your sump pump isn’t working – this is why it’s important to test it periodically and have your sump pump repaired when necessary! If repair costs exceed the cost of a new sump pump, our plumbers carry the latest in water ejection technology from the leading plumbing brands.

A sump pump is an electric pump typically placed in a pit in the basement or the lowest point of your home. During heavy rainstorms, water that would otherwise flood into your basement is diverted into the pit with the pump. When the water level reaches a certain point, the float valve on the sump pump activates and flushes the pump basically like a toilet, removing the water from your home so it doesn’t flood the basement. Sump pumps are a cost-effective way to prevent major damage to your basement and protect your valuables.

Without frequent sump pump testing, you can’t be sure if your sump pump is going to work when you need it –and when your sump pump doesn’t work, even a moderate rainstorm could spell trouble for your home! Fortunately, all of the expert plumbing technicians at KC’s Plumbing are sump pump repair pros, and we’re available to take care of your sump pump needs – Same Day Service, 7 Days a Week, throughout Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley!

Sump Pump Repair Services

Sump pumps are very reliable when properly maintained; that said, you should keep a close eye on them – especially in the spring and summer when it gets rainy. It’s not uncommon for a sump pump to become clogged with gravel, dirt, sand and other debris, which would prevent it from working properly and could spell trouble during a big storm! If you have a sump pump that has recently stopped working, drop us a line today! Our expert technicians can clean or repair your malfunctioning pump or, if necessary, replace it.

If you’re having issues with your sump pump, call Len The Plumber now. Our expert technicians will accurately diagnose your issue and provide you with an upfront, written estimate. All of our plumbing trucks are fully stocked with replacement parts and new sump pumps, so if you approve the work, we’ll get it done – Same Day Service, 7 Days a Week!

Sump Pump Backup Testing

The best way to avoid sump pump failure is to test your sump pump periodically. Sump pump testing is something you should be able to do on your own fairly easily. To test your sump pump, first find it in the basement, then pour a 5-gallon bucket of water into the pit. This should cause the float switch to activate right away, which will in turn activate the sump pump to drain all the water. If this doesn’t work, call KC’s at 760-327-8718 immediately for sump pump repair or sump pump replacement!

In addition to testing your sump pumps, adding a backup system is a great way to make sure your sump pump works well at all times. Our technicians offer two types of sump pump backups: battery or water-powered. Sump pump battery backups are powered by a large battery and the system kicks on when the power goes out and allows your sump pump to continue pumping water even if the storm shuts the lights out! If you live on a well system, this is your best option for a sump pump backup. Additionally, our technician are able to install a water-powered sump pump backup. If the power goes out, have no fear! This system is powered by your home’s water supply and is a great option for a second line of defense if your sump pump fails.

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