HVAC Maintenance: Get HVAC Systems Ready for the Fall

Get Heating Systems Ready

The end of summer isn’t the time of year when homeowners typically think about cold weather and their heating system.  The only part of the HVAC system commonly thought about at this time of year is the air conditioner. 

Yet, the start of fall is the perfect time to schedule HVAC maintenance and get a head start on the colder seasons coming in the weeks ahead. Maintenance of the HVAC system is recommended twice a year. Once for the heating system and once for the air conditioner. With early fall tune-ups, homeowners can be sure their heating unit is ready to battle the cold weather without interruptions or system breakdowns. 

Why Should Homeowners Opt for Maintenance?

benefitsScheduling heater maintenance now reduces the likelihood of a breakdown when temperatures outside are cold.  HVAC technicians are trained to spot problems when they’re small and can fix them before they worsen. Their keen eye to detect issues with heater efficiency and defunct parts can save homeowners money on monthly heating costs and repair costs every year.  

Other benefits of heating maintenance include:

  • Improved airflow and efficiency, lowering energy bills 
  • Reduced humidity levels in the home  for improved air circulation
  • The EPA recommends it
  • Improves lifespan and performance of the heating system
  • It prevents costly breakdowns or repairs in the future
  • Peace of mind and year-round comfort

What Goes Into Heater Maintenance?

filter Experts servicing heaters complete three phases during fall maintenance:

  1. Inspection: The HVAC technician inspects the unit for signs of broken or worn-out parts and other signs of defect. Homeowners can schedule a service appointment if the technician finds the need for major repairs.
  2. Cleaning:  The next phase involves cleaning.  Professionals will clean coils and the other components of the system to improve indoor air quality and prevent system issues. The EPA recommends changing air filters in the HVAC system at least every three months to help maintain the heating and cooling system. Clean air filters help keep the system working in tip-top condition and are a task that homeowners can do themselves.
  3. Service:  HVAC service is the final phase of a fall tune-up.  At this phase, the technician repairs defects found within the unit during maintenance, refills the coolant if needed, and replaces parts that are broken or not performing at peak efficiency. 

When Should Homeowners Think About Heating Maintenance?

It’s never too early to worry about the heater and its performance capabilities.  Scheduling maintenance now ensures the HVAC company isn’t too busy to service the unit like they could be later in the fall and winter when most homeowners schedule heater appointments.  

When colder weather rolls around, the heater becomes the most important appliance in the home. A breakdown or malfunction can leave the entire family wrapped in blankets to stay warm and lead to poor indoor air quality throughout the house. A breakdown can also cost homeowners a lot of money in repair costs or force an early system replacement—however, the earlier the fall tune-up, the fewer worries of problems like these.

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