3 Common HVAC Problems that Lead To Cold Houses

Three Common HVAC Problems That Can Lead to Heating Failures

The fall season is in full swing, and that means cooler temperatures are becoming the norm. As such, many homeowners and their families are starting to use their heating systems more and more every day. One of the worst scenarios that some homeowners can probably relate to is when they turn on their heaters and realize that there is a system failure. Nobody wants to freeze, especially when this issue is preventable!

At this point, some homeowners may be asking themselves: how exactly can I prevent this from happening? To answer this question, one must understand the most common HVAC problems that occur so that one can avoid them. Continue reading for all of this information and more!

Improper Unit Sizing

First and foremost, improper unit sizing contributes significantly to heating malfunctions. This, of course, is something that often occurs right at the beginning when homeowners hire professionals for heater installation or furnace installation. If the unit is sized incorrectly, then this can lead to a barrage of issues.

The biggest issue of all is that functionally, the heater will not effectively deliver heat through the home. If it is too large, then it may lead to overheating of the home. If it is too small, then it may lead to insufficient heating of the home. The gist is that improper heater sizing leads to large temperature fluctuations, which are less than ideal for homeowners. Professionals from a heater service can help with recommendations when it comes to unit sizing.

Thermostat Issuesthermostat problems

Issues with the thermostat can also lead to significant heating failures. Several different thermostat issues can arise, some of which include:

  • Dirt and debris buildups – this can prevent the thermostat from accurately reading the temperature of the room, which can lead to improper heating of the home
  • Faulty display – this will prevent homeowners from being able to adjust the settings, particularly if it is a touchscreen
  • Inability to reach the desired temperature – there may be an issue with the temperature reading (e.g., excess sunlight exposure can lead to a false reading)
  • Old age – this can generally lead to wear and tear-related issues that can diminish its functionality
  • Recalibration required – the internal sensors may need to be reset since miscalibration can lead to improper commands being sent to the heating system

If any of these issues occur, homeowners should call for professional thermostat services to get the problems figured out. Professionals can also help with thermostat installation if necessary.

leaves around outdoor ac unitDebris Buildups

Lastly, debris buildups in or around the HVAC system can also lead to heating issues. In the fall especially, leaf deposits and other debris can clog the HVAC unit. Some of these debris buildups can occur naturally over time. Regardless, the point is that this debris can lead to inefficiencies or full-blown damage to the HVAC system.

This would require homeowners to pursue heater repair or furnace repair. It may even harm indoor air quality, depending on the extent of the issue, which would require central heating services. The best way for homeowners to avoid this altogether is to invest in regular HVAC maintenance checkups.

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