How to Select The Right Water Saving Toilet for Your Home

Because we now understand that it is very important to save water, most toilets do not have the flushing power they once had. This is good in terms of water use and in terms of keeping unwanted junk out of the sewer systems. In this article, we will share information and advice to help you choose the right water saving toilet for your home.

How to Select The Right Water Saving Toilet for Your Home

Many people today are choosing gravity toilets that rely on gravity to draw waste and water into the sewer system. When you flush a gravity toilet, a valve opens and the water inside the toilet tank moves into the toilet bowl. Gravity helps the water and waste to move down quickly out of the toilet, past the drain and into the sewer system. This is very similar to a standard toilet, but this type of toilet is specially designed to use a lot less water and still work effectively. This type of toilet may have an adjustable water level so that you can change the settings to get more flushing power as needed. Choosing a gravity toilet is a smart, water saving choice.

Even though gravity toilets are similar to old-fashioned toilets, there is a slight learning curve. It may take you a while to understand how much paper to use and to get your water settings just right to avoid clogs. You must absolutely not flush anything other than toilet paper and human waste down the gravity toilet. Additionally, for a gravity toilet to work properly, it must be flushed following each use. For all of these reasons and safety, it is a good idea to supervise small children in the household when they use the gravity toilet.

Another choice in water-saving toilets that provides more flushing power is the power-assist toilet. This toilet works with a combination of water and compressed air for greater flushing power. The power flush toilet is not quite as popular as the gravity toilet because it does represent a significant difference from standard toilets. It is also a bit more pricey and a bit more noisy than the gravity toilet.

You may be amazed to know that there are lots of other choices in environmentally conscious specialty toilets on the market today. People who are concerned with the amount of pollution caused by the tons of toilet paper used in the US may be interested in getting a toilet equipped with a bidet. This addition allows you to wash while seated in the toilet and then provides a blow dry sort of arrangement for drying off.

If you are very concerned about the environment, you may want to research composting toilets. These are toilets that require little or no plumbing. These specially designed toilets are equipped with a compost compartment beneath the toilet unit that composts all waste including toilet paper. There are many designs of composting toilets. The best designed and most expensive are virtually labor-free because the compost compartment only needs to be emptied every six months or so.

Currently, the most efficient toilet available is the Niagara Conservation.

However the highest consumer rated toilet in the industry goes to the Gerber Toilets.

We should all be concerned about saving water because it is the basis of life on earth. When you take the time to research the various types of water saving toilets available for your home, you are sure to find a design that suits you and your household perfectly. The amount of water saved by any of the designs presented here is significant. Follow the tips presented here to choose the best water saving toilet for your home.