Kitchen Plumbing Services in Palm Springs

Whether you need a new garbage disposal installation or kitchen sink repair, you can count on the experts at KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing & Air Conditioning here in Palm Springs. We also proudly serve Indio, Palm Desert & Riverside Counties.

With many Coachella Valley residents becoming more conscious of the environment, they want to do everything they can to make their homes more ‘green.’ A garbage disposal is one method many homeowners choose to deal with kitchen waste. If you’ve never thought about a garbage disposal installation, now may be the right time. Call one of our experienced plumbing technicians for a consultation.

If you have a persistent drain clog, don’t reach for a chemical drain cleaner, which can do more harm than good. Call us for our thorough yet safe drain cleaning.

Reasons to Consider Adding a Garbage Disposal to Your Kitchen

Garbage disposals are nothing new, but they’ve gotten more attention lately as many people try to be more responsible about the waste they put into landfills. And while garbage disposals sometimes get a bad rap, here are a few reasons why they can make your life in the kitchen easier and are better for the environment.

The first thing to remember is that a garbage disposal can save you money, especially if you experience frequently clogged drains from all of the food debris that goes down. When food waste combines with cooking grease and fat that ends up in the drain, it usually requires a plumber’s skill to clear it away, which means you’re spending money every time it happens.

Using a garbage disposal to chop up food waste, so it passes through the plumbing system and out of your home saves you money on clogged sink repair and drain cleaning products.

Another thing you’ve probably noticed if you do a lot of work in the kitchen is the odor that comes from putting food waste into the trash. Leaving food in the kitchen trash not only makes your home smell like a dumpster, but it attracts pests like flies and contributes to an unhealthy home environment. A garbage disposal eliminates much of the food waste that you have to put in the trash, which keeps your home smelling cleaner.

Besides making your home smell like a landfill, leaving food waste in the trash causes bacteria and other harmful substances to grow in your home, which can lead to family members becoming ill.

Lastly, despite some of the negative attention garbage disposals get, the fact is that they do have a positive impact on the environment; one such impact is the reduction of plastic trash bags that wind up in landfills.

Our Kitchen Faucet Repair & Sink Installation Service

Whether you need kitchen sink repair or you want to get the latest fixture with built-in smart technology, KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing & Air Conditioning are the area’s go-to experts for all of your kitchen plumbing needs. We’re a fully licensed plumbing contractor that offers a comprehensive list of plumbing repair and installation services.

Benefits of Installing New Plumbing Fixtures

Many people continue using the same old plumbing fixtures that came with the house because they get the job done and little more. However, there are many reasons to consider upgrading your old sinks and fixtures, and here are a few to get you started.

Upgrades the Look of Your Kitchen

Let’s say you want a new look for your kitchen but aren’t ready for a full-blown kitchen remodel; you can instantly improve the look of your kitchen by replacing your old sink and fixtures with something modern. And, the good news about upgrading is that it can be done inexpensively.

Fix Persistent Plumbing Problems

If you’ve been using the same kitchen sink for years, chances are, you have to deal with constant clogs, leaks, and other plumbing headaches. However, a new sink installation or fixture replacement is a better way to deal with fixtures that are past their prime than continued repairs.

Take Advantage of Smart Technology

With more and more homeowners wanting to do their part to help the environment, one area they turn to is water conservation. Smart faucets are new gadgets starting to find their way into American homes as we use technology to make our lives more convenient.

Smart faucets come in various forms, including hands-free, digital, and combinations of the two. If you’ve been to a public restroom, you’ve seen hands-free faucets that activate by sensing motion. The advantage these faucets provide is they shut off after a few seconds, which helps to save water.

Digital faucets are relatively new and use digital displays to show you the water temperature so you can adjust it to your liking. You can even opt for faucets that precisely measure out water, which goes a long way to helping save.

Whether you’d like to get a garbage disposal installation or you’re looking to replace your old fixtures, KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing & Air Conditioning guarantees our work 100%. Contact us in Coachella Valley at 760-327-8718.