Spooky Water Pipe Noises And How to Solve Them

Pipes Can Haunt the Night!

Fall is fast approaching, and this means that the spooky Halloween season is just around the corner! Many homeowners and their families are gearing up for the season. Halloween decorations are going up, pumpkins are being carved, costume ideas are brewing, and more. Soon mischief will be on the rise, and the ghosts and goblins will be out to play!

One of the spookiest occurrences of all that homeowners may have to deal with is noisy pipes. These can come about for any number of reasons. Some pipe sounds may be concerning, while others may just occur and not be problematic. Homeowners should know which types of pipe sounds to watch out for so that they can learn when to seek help. Continue reading for all of this information!

Persistent Humming

Person in bed afraid of clockHumming sounds can occur in the pipes and be quite persistent if there is a constant issue. This often happens if the water pressure is abnormally high. High water pressure (above ~60 psi) can cause vibrations throughout the pipes as the water flows through. The speed of the water moving through becomes abnormally high due to the excessive pressure.

While high water pressure is the typical explanation for humming, there can be a number of other reasons as well. General wear and tear can be to blame for humming, as can damage to the gate vales. These valves are responsible for managing the flow of water into and out of the pipes, so if these become damaged, humming can result as the water flows through.

Curious Whistling

Whistling noises can also occur, which is one of the plumbing sounds that homeowners should especially listen for. Whistling or squealing can indicate several different issues. Sometimes hard water can be the cause, as mineral buildups may impede the proper flow of water as it moves through the pipes. As with humming, general wear and tear may be to blame.

However, one of the most common explanations for whistling is that there can be a misalignment between the size of the pipe opening and the volume of water moving through. This excessive strain on the pipes can result in whistling. If homeowners notice whistling or squealing, they will likely need to pursue water line services.

Frightful Water Hammering

Piping under floorsIn addition to humming and whistling, a water hammer is a key sound that homeowners should beware of. The sound is just about as scary as the name – water hammering, as the name implies, is a hammer-like sound that comes from the pipes as a result of a sudden change in the direction of the flow of water.

The change of direction can occur for many different reasons, but ultimately, a high-pressure shockwave can cause this sound that may be alarming to homeowners. It can be dangerous, especially if it occurs frequently since it can lead to pipe bursts. If this happens, homeowners will need to invest in repiping services. The best way to avoid this is to seek immediate professional services as soon as they experience a water hammer.

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