Five Outdoor Plumbing Problems That Can Be Plumbing Emergencies

broken sewer pipe

When you think about your home’s plumbing, the outdoors might not spring to mind. After all, plumbing problems typically occur inside the home, such as leaky faucets, drain clogs, and so on. Anything outside the house is typically overlooked by most homeowners.

However, when problems occur outdoors with your plumbing, they often constitute plumbing emergencies that need to be resolved quickly. If not, the problems can lead to water damage to your home’s foundation, damage to your yard, and more.

1. Sewer Pipe Breakage

The sewer pipe that runs out of your home and connects to the city sewer system is your responsibility to maintain and repair if there are problems. Some of the more common issues include tree root damage, clogs, cracking, and collapses.

If you notice your yard is constantly wet, and it hasn’t rained nor have you watered it, this is a good indication something is wrong with the sewer pipe if you are connected to your city’s sewer system.

2. Exterior Faucet Leaks

Freezing in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley is an exceedingly rare occurrence. So, you normally don’t have to worry about freezing weather damaging exterior faucets. Yet, the exterior faucets on the outside of your home can develop leaks from normal wear and tear.

The leaks can occur at the fittings that connect the faucet to the water supply line. Leaks can also occur when the hardware inside the faucet starts to wear out and can no longer fully close. Leaks may not seem like a big deal.

However, they can be since the leaking water drips into the ground near the foundation of your home. When your foundation is constantly exposed to wet soil, it can cause it to weaken and lead to cracks, sagging, and fractures.

3. Well Plumbing Leaks

If you have well water, your well plumbing could develop leaks and other problems in different areas from where it pumps water out of the ground and into your home. If you notice your yard seems constantly wet near the well or in specific areas where the water main runs, this is a good sign you have a water leak.

Your well could also have problems with the well pump failing, pressure tank leaks, drop pipe leaks, cracked housings, and others. These plumbing problems can be difficult to notice initially. It is not until they become major problems that you will notice something is wrong.

Ideally, it is a good idea to have your well and well plumbing inspected and checked for leaks annually. This can help you avoid plumbing emergencies and can assist you in finding minor issues before they become costlier repairs.

4. Water Main Leaks

If you have city water, you are responsible for water main leaks from where the water supply line connects to your water meter and runs into your home. Any plumbing issues before the meter are your municipality’s responsibility. So, if the pipes break, crack, or leak, and it is past the water meter, then you will need to call your plumber for emergency plumbing repair service.

5. Underground Sprinkler Leaks

leaking from hole in a hose

Underground sprinkler systems are great when you need to water your lawn and want even coverage. However, sprinkler heads, pipes, and other parts of the system can get damaged. To avoid water leaks, it is a good idea to do a self-inspection and test of the system monthly. You will also want your plumber to do a more detailed assessment bi-annually.

Maintaining, fixing, and repairing outdoor plumbing is just as necessary as taking care of your indoor plumbing. If you notice plumbing problems with your home’s interior or exterior plumbing in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, please feel free to contact KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing at 760-327-8718 today!