Palm Springs Sewer Service

Safe, Environmentally Friendly Methods to Clear Sewers

KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing provides guaranteed drain and sewer cleaning services to customers like you. In society today, more people are turning to “green” businesses and products in order to help with environmental concerns. This is the very mission of KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing, one of the most trusted sewer cleaning companies in the Coachella Valley. In fact, our AquaBright Jetting is quickly becoming a preferred solution for sewer and drain cleaning.

Our system uses water pressure in lieu of chemicals, preventing harsh chemicals from entering groundwater eventually used for potable water in our towns. With the desire to assist in eliminating such occurrences, our sewer plumbing professionals encourage AquaBright Jetting where applicable.

Don’t be fooled by imitators who use a glorified pressure washer for sewer cleaning. Contact our Palm Springs plumbing company now for authentic AquaBright Jetting services.

How Does AquaBright Jetting Work?

AquaBright Jetting uses high-pressure water to clear clogged drainage systems. Not only is the method successful, it is a “green” solution as well. When AquaBright Jetting is applied, it removes the sewer drain clog and cleans the walls of pipes, thereby extending the life and productivity of your drainage system.

How Does Sewer Cleaning Differ from Drain Cleaning?

If sewer cleaning seems similar to drain cleaning, there are similarities. Instead of in your home, a clogged sewer pipe may be under your yard, lawn, or driveway. A clogged sewer line can cause multiple drains to back up, including your sink, toilet, and shower, creating problems throughout your home. Fixing a clogged sewer may ultimately require excavation, although services such as hydro-jetting and pipe-lining can avoid this.

Drain cleaning differs in that it addresses issues that originate within your home. The problem may lie just under the surface, but it can be hard to get to. Our professionals can address the source of clogged drain problems, whether they’re under your kitchen/bathroom sink, toilet, shower, or tub or basement, garage, or laundry room floor. In fact, our drain services avoid the pitfalls of using commercial drain cleaners that can lead to corrosion and other types of damage.

Drain Inspection & Maintenance

Clogged drains are the most common plumbing service calls we get. While the problem may seem minor, clogged drains are very disruptive and can even render your bathrooms useless, just like a blocked sewer can. If you want to avoid clogged drains in your home, we highly recommend regular inspection and maintenance.

Our Coachella Valley plumbing company is proud to offer the following drain maintenance services:

  • DrainVision camera system – Allows inspection of the drainage system below ground, helping to prevent unnecessary excavation later on. A video camera at the end of the line transmits a signal to a TV screen above ground, so our plumber can immediately spot issues such as grease build-ups, trapped objects, or leaks. The same technology can also identify tree roots in a sewer line.
  • Bio-Smart drain cleaning powder – Another environmentally friendly application that, when used on a regular basis, helps prevent build-up in the drainage system to avoid costly stoppages and repairs. This non-toxic, 100% natural product consists of vegetable microbes, bacteria, and enzymes that feed on organic waste and eliminate it from clogged pipes while avoiding damage to your plumbing fixtures.

Be sure to call and schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained drain technicians before a minor drainage system problem becomes a major issue. Also, keep in mind we offer emergency service at no additional cost: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call Now for Efficient Sewer Cleaning throughout the Coachella Valley

At KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing, we are happy to give you drain cleaning options that are not only effective in clearing the toughest clogs but also in protecting the environment. Our state-of-the-art technology will ensure your home’s drains are clean and free from grime buildup and tree root debris, so they are as good as new!

Have a clogged drain or sewer line? Get them resolved now by calling KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing today at (760) 327-8718. We provide drain cleaning and sewer service to all of the Coachella Valley including Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, and Indio.