Repiping an older home is a big job but well worth it for the home owner. In the long run, if one pipe is bad, you can be assured that the others are getting there too. Fifty years ago, the same types of plumbing products were not available. Technology has aided in creating stronger materials, better pipes constructed from these materials and even better cements and bonding agents to ensure that joints will not leak for years and years.

There are two different choices in types of piping to be used now.

  • Copper Piping – considered to be the next best choice, copper can be used for many applications as well. Copper tubing can be used for hot or cold water and is a soft metal that can be bent into positions to fit the needs for the installation.
  • Pex Tubing – a flexible piping that is widely used in homes all over America now because of the flexibility. It can be used in a wide variety of applications and the cost is very reasonable.

These are the two options that are available in homes and businesses today. The top of the list is the most popular and the Best option.

We can install either one of these options for your needs. We guarantee our work and the products that we use. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and do an inspection and give you an estimate for the job. We even offer our own financing program for those really big jobs, like repiping your entire home. Call us now at 760-327-8718 and find out the details.

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