floLogic Leak Detector


They’re fortunate because they have good jobs, a wonderful healthy family, and a great home. And vacation homes at the beach and in the mountains. But sadly, the Smith’s good fortune has run out. It happened while they were vacationing at the beach. You see hidden danger was lurking at home within their aging plumbing system. The Smith’s ice maker developed a pin hole leak, their ten year old water heater began to fail. And a supply line to the toilet simply popped off. When the Smith’s got home it looked like Noah’s flood. Sure the insurance company will negotiate a settlement, but there is much that is irreplaceable and would that musty smell remain?

And suddenly Bob worries what could happen at their vacation homes, especially the mountain property with freezing pipes.

Well, this will never happen to the Smith’s again because they discovered the Flo Logic System, the circuit breaker for your home plumbing system.

Flo Logic is a simple, yet ingenious device that monitors water flowing into a home. If it senses a leak shuts off water to the entire house. When the Smith’s are at home Flo logic continues to monitor their water usage and sounds an alert if there is constant water flow for an extended period of time.

When the Smith’s are away, there should be virtually no water used, so Flo Logic can be set to detect the tiniest leak, just seconds of water use. And Flo Logic integrates with all security systems so your monitoring service can quickly respond.

So now the Smith’s truly are fortunate. They have the Flo Logic installed in each of their homes and never have to worry about losing their possessions to plumbing leaks again.

Don’t let this happen to you. Call now to learn more about the Flo Logic System.”

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